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Dr. Tushar Shah, a CNT innovator, joins NanoRial as an Advisor

February 2, 2023: NanoRial is pleased to announce that Dr. Tushar Shah has joined NanoRial as a Technology Advisor to help NanoRial’s rapid growth. He is an inventor of carbon nanotube technology, and worked at Lockheed Martin for 38+ years including as the CTO of Applied Nanostructures. He was also a Former Sr. Principal Scientist at Cabot Corporation.

NanoRial warmly welcomes Dr. Shah into the NanoRial team.

Importance of CNTs in Li-ion batteries

January 5, 2023: “The driving distance of EVs should be over 500 km on a single charge when compared with a combustion engine. To increase the energy density of EV batteries, the replacement of carbon black with CNTs is an inevitable choice, because the smaller the amount of conducting agent, the higher the energy density of LIBs.”

This article (worth a read!) discusses the importance of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in enabling advanced Li-ion batteries. The article highlights the dispersion process as a key technical hurdle that needs to be overcome – this is the focus of NanoRial, and why NanoRial’s technology is key to unlocking mass EV adoption.

NanoRial – ChemPrise JDA Announcement

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On April 6, 2021, NanoRial and ChemPrise announced a joint development agreement for developing specialty nano-material additives that will enhance mechanical and physical properties of products.

Dr. Chitral Angammana, CEO of NanoRial (a Canadian Corporation) said that their patented superior nano-material dispersion technology can produce consistent high-quality nano-material masterbatches at scale and this partnership provides catalyst to develop next-generation advanced composite materials for various market segments including aerospace, defense, sporting goods, 3D Printing, transportation, and construction.

Dr. Nagesh Potluri, CEO of ChemPrise LLC (a US corporation) said that they have unique expertise in material integration with nano-additives with specialized know-how and experience in the complex relationship amongst material structures and their performance.

Through this joint-development program, they plan to produce affordable multi-functional specialty additives at scale that will result in superior end-product performance.