NanoRial produces carbon nanotube based additives that make end-products:

  • more conductive
  • stronger
  • lighter

at a lower price point.


Overview: NanoRial is enabling next generation products and materials—from faster charging batteries, to longer & lighter wind turbine blades—through its patented technology and carbon nanotube (CNT) based additives.

Value Proposition: CNTs have long been recognized as a disruptive material with amazing properties that greatly improve conductivity, strength and stability, but have had limited commercial use due to product integration challenges.

NanoRial’s patented technology solves these issues enabling manufacturers to unlock new and improved products, with minimal impact to product costs. The technology is fast and continuous, and the additives produced enable significant property enhancement at a very low CNT percentage, delivering:

  • 10x to 1000x higher conductivity
  • 2x to 10x higher strength