Batteries and Hydrogen

Additives for Li-ion batteries, Lead-acid batteries, Fuel-cells, and Super-capacitors

CNTs can be used as a substitute for carbon black, increasing the conductivity and mechanical integrity of battery electrodes. 15% of Li-ion batteries already contain CNTs, however dispersion and/or CNT quality is poor.

NanoRial is the only supplier of high quality, high concentration, and high aspect ratio CNT-based additives for batteries. NanoRial's additives are:

  • >4 wt. % high aspect ratio MWCNTs, or
  • >2 wt. % high aspect ratio SWCNTs
  • fully dispersed in water (for anodes) and in NMP (for cathodes).
These additives can enable:
  • Higher energy density = longer range EVs
  • Faster charge rates
  • Extended lifetime

Application: Li-ion battery anodes and cathodes

Additive: ANTIS-AQ (anodes) and ANTIS-NMP (cathodes)

Fuel Cell

Application: Fuel cell bipolar plates

Additive: ANTIS-ACR


Application: Super-capacitor electrodes

Additive: ANTIS-AQ and ANTIS-NMP


Application: Lead-acid battery electrodes

Additive: ANTIS-AQ